New Website

Well it’s arrived at last! Not perfect, but getting there. I refer to this, my new website. Much thanks and gratitude due to Tony Dunne of Kingdom Media for his patience, knowledge and skill and to my  husband Tim. For you who visit my website, I hope you enjoy it and get value out of it, be it in helping you choose  music for your Wedding or giving you an insight  into my Recital Programmes of Music and my commitment to good Teaching of the Harp and of Singing.  Special mention of gratitude to the Woodards for photos they took and images they shared with me also to Valerie O’ Sullivan for her beautiful image taken at the Eightercua Standing Stones in Waterville and to the very skillful and helpful  Tony O’ Flaherty at Sonas Recording Studios at beautiful Lough Guitane, Killarney.

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